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Dr Alexander Simring MBBS BSc (Med) Hons FRACP


I am going to start off by adding information for medical practitioners. This will be pitched at the level of medical student and GP rather than for gastroenterologists. I am currently going through a process of self education with MKSAP and will provide a summary of my readings topic by topic.

I generally don’t keep notes of the reading that I have done, mostly because of calligraphic issues. The last time I made notes was way back in medical school, and I think it’s time to revisit the tradition. Keeping notes will help me to focus on what is important, as well as provide a summary for review. Rather than keeping my notes for myself, it is just as easy and simple to post them on my blog! What a great idea, even if it’s only me that reads it.

I hope to provide this information to local GPs as an aid in gaining a gastroentologist’s perspective. I hope medical students will also find this useful, particularly in preparing for physicians exams.

After MKSAP I will spend some time writing more in the patient section and then hopefully spend some time with literature reviews.


This is an Australian educational website providing information on digestive health. Information will be provided for both patients and medical practitioners.

The information on this website is the personal opinion of Dr Alex Simring and is only for educational purposes. Consultation with a medical practitioner is always advised.
Dr Simring completed his medical training at the University of NSW.

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