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Welcome to my gastroenterology blog which is my personal site dealing with digestive health. I’m trying to provide an educational source which both patients and medical practitioners will find useful. This is also a way of making sure that I keep up to date with my own education and continue to provide quality healthcare.

Just a few general pointers about this website. The information on this website is my personal opinion only, and should never be used as a source of medical advice. Always see you medical practitioner regarding any medical complaints you may have. I will use medical resources for this information, and will provide a list of resources used when appropriate. This website is purely for educational purposes and not for commercial purposes. This is strictly not for profit.

Dr Alexander Simring is a gastroenterologist and hepatologist with a special interest in using nutrition to achieve optimal digestive health. What exactly does that mean? My main interests are in understanding how the digestive tract functions and what measures we can take to look after our health the best we can and to prevent disease when possible rather than relying on cures for disease once it has set it.

Just to be clear, I am a strong proponent of traditional medicine – I don’t believe that everything can be cured with good diet and nutrition alone. Far from that, in fact. A case in point, I am often asked what role nutrition play in inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Although nutrition is very important in IBD, it is also true that diet does not seem to affect the clinical outcome of IBD and that in the vast majority of cases medication is required to both achieve and maintain clinical remission.

All that being said, Dr Simring has a special interest in trying to maintain optimal digestive health through eating well. Simple as that! Nutrition is an area that modern medicine has not really paid adequate attention. In my undergraduate training in medicine, there were only a handful of lectures which were devoted to understanding nutrition. This was a real shame, as nutrition plays a crucial role in maintaining health and preventing disease. Modern medicine is often involved in putting out lots of fires, and this is really important to do. Equally important, or maybe even more important, is to try to prevent disease onset where possible. This is where nutrition plays a role. I believe that nutrition and good eating should form the cornerstone of health and that prevention is always better than cure.

So there you have it! Alex is interested in understanding how optimal digestive health can be achieved, particularly through clean, healthy eating. This website is currently being developed and will take some time to become fully fleshed out. Information will be useful for both the general public as well as for medical students and medical practitioners. I am also using the website for the opportunity to develop my own skills and knowledge in the area of gastroenterology and to keep my information up to date. Once I have the basic patient and medical practitioner sections updated, I will then plan to use this site as a blog to keep abreast of all of the latest developments in the world of gastroenterology.

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